Our Story

Growing up poor I was always rushing. I was obsessed with time. Because after all, TIME IS MONEY! I was in a hurry. I always wanted more out of life. I wanted better for myself. And I wanted it NOW!
As the years pass I realize time was doing me a favor; it was teaching me lessons. Time equals experience. Time equals longevity. Time heals all wounds. As I've grow older I realize time was never my enemy, time is on my side!
The first time in my adult life I found myself with extra money I bought myself a  watch… Not just any watch, but the nicest watch I could afford. Timepieces have always been a status symbol to me. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on watches. I’ve lost a lot of them, I’ve given some of them away, I’ve even had some stolen from me, but I’ve never lost track of time.
Truth be told the seed money for the company Dominion was almost spent on another luxury watch. The ultimate time pieces as some may call it. But something in my heart spoke to me and said create your own version of what time means to you. So DOMINION was formed.
I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an artist. I’m a world traveler. I’m a fashion connoisseur. I’m a master of my fate. When you merge all those things together the essence of Dominion appears: A stylish comfortable timepiece for the dreamers of the world!